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Extract Damaged Teeth

Everyone wants to keep their teeth for a lifetime, but circumstances can arise that prompt your dentist to recommend removing/Extracting a tooth for the good of your dental health. Although many of your teeth are easily removable, it’s occasionally more complicated and requires a more involved procedure. Permanent teeth were meant to last a lifetime, there are a number of reasons why tooth extraction may be needed and how your dentist differentiates these procedures from others.

By taking an x-ray and examining your tooth, your dentist can usually determine whether or not your extraction will be simple or surgical. The surgical extraction of teeth is actually the most common surgical procedure provided in , When a tooth is visible above the gum line and your dentist can easily remove it with forceps is called a simple extraction. And If the tooth is impacted, the dentist will cut away gum and bone tissue that cover the tooth and then, using forceps, grasp the tooth and gently rock it back.

Gentle Tooth Extractions

At Dr. Smiles, we will resort to any conservative treatment possible to save a tooth, but if you need an extraction, we are ready to help. We utilize the latest surgical techniques and materials to provide our patients with the highest standard of care. You can rest assured that we will do everything we can to ensure you are comfortable during the procedure. We strive to provide to our patients expert oral surgical care with a personal touch. Call us today to get started!

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